Who We Are

We are a bilingual Catholic school of the Semper Altius international network, whose curriculum model is designed to provide our students with integral excellence education to meet the demands of today’s and future world. Integral Formation focuses on the intellectual, human, spiritual, and academic dimensions of each person.

At Everest, we believe that institutional accountability goes beyond academic performance. We train our students to be leaders capable of using their gifts to the fullest and realize God’s plan for each one. We work so that students excel in  essential areas: academic excellence, character formation, spiritual development, and spirit of service. We believe that our responsibility goes beyond the classroom. Therefore, we have several optional programs in which our students can develop their gifts and abilities to ensure an integral human formation.

In sports we offer several options, as we believe in the importance of outdoor activities not only for a healthier life but also for character development and teamwork learning, to overcome challenges and learn from victories and defeats.

In the social area we provide our students with participation in various projects so that, from a young age they are exposed to the reality of children who did not have the same opportunities.  We want our students to grow aware of the vast inequalities in the world and the importance of collaboration of each one to build a better world

The involvement of the family within the possibilities of each is fundamental for the full development of the children. We promote several events during the year that focus on the family. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Everest Family Day are some examples of the family interaction we promote in our school. 

We offer other activities that aim to collaborate to better fulfill their responsibilities as parents and educators. Some examples are weekly sports activities, training lectures on education, current and faith topics discussions, retreats, marriage renewals, daily mass, confession, spiritual accompaniment, prayer groups, and volunteer opportunities in our social projects and everything else we can do together to give students the Everest Education.