For all students to enjoy their preschool, we offer a healthy and safe environment accordingly to their ages, individualized spaces and separated by ages, and the security of being in a ground-floor building exclusively for children’s education, without access to stairs, or older boys and with all environments 100% monitored through internal circuit.

In addition, our team has many professionals focused on the care and well-being of your child, as well as teachers and assistants, we also have a team of psychologists, coordinators and flight attendants who are always available to our students.

In any event, our ward is strategically located just steps away from kindergarten rooms and runs throughout the school day.

Students at Everest Kindergarten have all the care they receive in their home and are in a safe structure, thought in every detail to ensure the learning of your child without worry.

We also count on:

  • Trained personnel to respond to any need and situation;

  • Security protocols in facilities;

  • Safe environments policy.