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Spiritual and Values Formation

Spiritual Formation

A strong foundation for success

In this life and the next

At Everest, we believe that we are children of God and one day we will return to the arms of Our Father. We must always remember that, although we are in this world, we do not belong to it. We seek to pass on to the students the importance of God in their lives in order to live fully and aware of their responsibilities.

A religious education concerned rather with living the faith than theory. We want our students to know God in practice, day in and day out. Have Jesus and Mary as friends who are with them and take care of them. May they recognize our smallness and, from a young age, seek divine help at every moment of life.

Teaching students the habit of seeking God spontaneously and being grateful for all they have. Teach them to accept and overcome the challenges that life offers, never forgetting that God listens to us and cares for us.

“This does not introduce the youth, the children to the totality of reality; transcendence is missing. For me, the greatest crisis in education, from a Christian perspective, this closure to transcendence. We become closed to the Transcendent. We need to prepare hearts so that God manifests himself in the totality, that is, which is humanity who possess this transcendent dimension. Educate humanly but with open horizons. Every kind of closure fails to serve education.”

(Pope Francis)

We are loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church, faithful to the Pope and to the teachings of the church. Everest students are taught how to be leaders capable of utilizing their strengths and aware of the fact God has a unique plan for them. This knowledge and closeness with God helps them realize what is really important in life, they are made aware of the reality of today's world and develop a sense of transcendence in assisting others.

We have the support of priests and consecrated women, to guide and assist in spiritual formation and in forming each of our students and their families in values. Faith is a relationship that grows every day. Everest understands and believes that fostering love for life and for Christ in early childhood is central to the healthy relationship that will go on throughout their whole lives.


Some ways Everest contributes to the spiritual formation of students


  • Knowledge of the Catholic faith program
  • Strong moral integrity program
  • Starting practical knowledge of serving
  • Cultivating a desire to contribute to the community
  • Preparing children for the sacrament of communion
  • Mass on the first Friday of every month
  • Via Crucis
  • Base Net and ECYD
  • Camping, pilgrimages and retreats
  • Pope's Day
  • Formation for love
  • Spiritual guidance

Virtues Program

Knowledge and skills are worth little if they are not supported by the discovery of values and education in virtues. That is why, in our school we carry out activities that help children learn about virtues, how to evaluate them, how to live them, and how to transmit them, in a usual, firm and committed manner.

We look for motivating students with examples of actions so that they live the virtues all the time, inside and outside the school, making them part of their lives, while sensitizing students about the importance of helping those in need. Our system provides them with activities for helping others, according to their age; by doing it so, we seek to complement their human and spiritual formation.

Students are formed in respect, charity, equality, generosity, nobility, humility and justice, in order to promote among them the true happiness that is born out of love and helping people in need.
This feature of the program permeates all the teaching of the school. We work so that teachers and all staff are aware of the importance of this program in the students’ lives. We know that the best way to teach is by providing them with good role models. This way, we make continuous efforts so that each one, in their own way, is a virtuous role model for the students.

Our monitoring team is formed by formation instructors and deans of discipline – they are responsible for monitoring students. Whether they are having lunch, at the park, doing sports, or just a joking around friends, our staff is there to help students be kind, polite, and grateful. Making sure they are always concerned about their neighbor, and having positive actions.

During growth, children go through different stages of discovery. There is the phase of swearing, which are even funny at the beginning; the phase of the discovering the opposite sex; the phase of fights and games that are not funny at all; the bullying - and countless other moments. Many children have traumas and difficulties to overcome what bothers them, and that is not always evident to parents. Our team strives to help and guide students during these stages, fully aware that discoveries are an important part of the process of growth and maturity.

We work together with the families in all situations, so that children can overcome those challenges and never caring about their neighbor, and help them when necessary.

Social Projects

“You may know all the commandments, all the prophesies, all the truths of the faith, but if this isn't put into practice, is not translated into works, it serves nothing."

(Pope Francis)

As part of their education, we encourage students to take part in projects that develop a sense of social responsibility. These actions provide solid experiences and understanding of humanitarian issues, whether in long-term projects or in one-off events.

Aiming for integral formation, we offer significant stimuli for the practice of love as a fundamental and innate human being vocation. We have Social Participation classes, which strive to develop students’ awareness and see the needs of others, placing in concrete and practical actions of charity, justice and solidarity. In these classes, we sensitize students to the needs of others, so that they commit to sharing what they have and transform the world. We strive to form in each one, from an early age, the desire of being attentive to the needs of others and to support those in need.

The Virtues Program develops in the students the consistent and permanent disposition to do good, always having as base the love of God, the imitation of Jesus Christ and the respect to their neighbor.

Our social projects are designed to help students think about how to make the world a better place by serving as Christian leaders. Social awareness is a universal mission that we want all our students to understand on the journey of life. These are some of our projects:

  • Friend's day
  • Mão Amiga Project
  • Educate to Transform