Social Engagement

As part of our educational program, we encourage students to take part in projects that develop a sense of social responsibility. These projects provide solid experience and understanding of humanitarian issues. They can be long-term actions or quick events. Learn about some projects of our Network.

Mão Amiga Project

We believe that the future of children is shaped by education - a quality education, committed to teaching not only school content, but also values. Therefore, in addition to the schools, we have a network of schools aimed at children in need to offer the same quality of education we have developed and break the poverty cycle of these families.

The Friendly Hand (loose translation of “Mão Amiga”) is part of the Semper Altius School Network. It promotes the integral development of children and adolescents with fewer opportunities through education as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, complemented by health - basic services - and economic growth, in order to achieve a positive transformation of society. For over 50 years, since the opening of the first school (Mão Amiga Zomeyucan) in Mexico, thousands of students and families have already benefited.

In 2006, we inaugurated the first Mão Amiga School in Bazil, in Itapecerica da Serra, SP, where we now have more than 500 students in the regular course.

In Brasília, we are proud to have partnered with the John Paul II Social Center (loose translation of Centro Social João Paulo II) and the São Pedro de Alcântara Parish, for the opening of the João Paulo II Mão Amiga School in Paranoá.

The new Mão Amiga unit will be inaugurated in 2018! We will need the help of the entire Everest Family to make this dream come true and change the lives of many children.

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Other information: http://www.colegiomaoamiga.org.br

Educate to Transform

The Educate to Transform (loose translation of Educar Para Transformar) project is the result of a fraternal and successful partnership, begun in 2015, between Everest College and the São Judas Tadeu Nursery School for the development of various social and pedagogical activities between the two entities.

The activities developed jointly by the two institutions promote the integration of children of the two institutions into two actions. The first one, the "Angel for a Day" (loose translation of “Anjo por um dia”), aims to achieve one of the formative aspects of the Semper Altius College Network: the formation of social values and love for your neighbor. The activity involves children from Everest Elementary School and the São Judas Tadeu Nursery School for an afternoon of games and bonding, where the older children are responsible for the younger ones.

Another event with great engagement of people is the Christmas campaign "We Are Many Magi" (loose translation of “Somos Muitos Reis Magos). Everest families raise donations for the Christmas party at the Saint Judas Tadeu Nursery School, "sponsoring" all children. On the day of the party, each one receives a kit (toy, clothes and toiletries). Our families are invited to attend the end-of-year social event.

In addition to these activities, the Everest and São Judas Tadeu management teams have regular meetings to discuss and learn about the formative, social and pedagogical aspects of the day care center. Pedagogues at Everest College provide different types of support and training for the teachers of the São Judas Tadeu Nursery School.

In addition, the Department of Psychopedagogy of Everest provides care and helps children of the São Judas Tadeu Nursery School who have learning disabilities. It is an essential support for these children’s formation.

Everest and its students are also benefited by this collaboration, since it harmonizes with the objectives of integral education developed by our school: promoting the practice of virtues, formation of a sensitive personality in face of the needs of others, and openness to the construction of values.

Volunteer Opportunities

"The measure of your success will be the measure of your generosity."  (John Paul II)

We reckon voluntary work not only adds important values to the person itself, but also enriches society, which gets in return citizens who are more aware and with truer and more solid values.

At Everest, we offer students and parents a number of volunteer work opportunities. According to each person’s reality and possibilities, we invite parents and students to give a little of themselves, some of their time to their neighbor.

“... Volunteer work is a peculiar feature of humanization: thanks to the various forms of solidarity and service it promotes and achieves, it makes society more aware of the dignity of man and of multiple expectations. Through the activity it performs, Volunteers experience that, only through dedication to others, can the human creature fulfill itself ”.  (John Paul II)

Volunteering is more than just helping others. In many countries, voluntary activity is seen as a parallel career to everyday work and becomes a means of access to a sense of achievement, self-satisfaction and, above all, the exercise of citizenship. Not rarely, there are reports that the volunteer feels like they are the most benefited by their action.

In addition, many international universities see volunteering as essential in the formation of citizens, and they value this attitude in the student admission process. See what some of the best foreign universities say about the importance of volunteering in the application process.

HARVARD – “The students’ scores provide some indication of the potential and academic achievement of the students. But we also examine applications for extracurricular distinction and personal qualities.” - William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions

MIT - "Sixteen percent of the students who entered MIT in 1977 reported being involved in some kind of community service project. In the current first-year class, that number rises to 93%." - Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions

YALE - "Selecting future Yale students was a combination of looking for those who would take advantage of the extraordinary resources gathered here ... and those with exceptional public motivation, in other words, candidates with a concern for something greater than themselves." - Kingman Brewster, former president.

Some of the volunteer activities offered on Everest

  • Collaborating parents
  • Family tent (loose translation of “Barraca da Família”)
  • ECYD parents
  • Donation and Contribution Campaigns
  • Edifying the Family Program (loose translation of “Programa Edificar a Família)

In addition to a number of projects that are organized and managed by volunteer parents, Everest volunteer activities have already raised and continue to raise funds for various charities, including “a Vila do Pequenino Jesus”, São Judas Tadeu Nursery School and the Mão Amiga Project.