Sports Clubs

Through sports, students are encouraged to build friendships, overcome challenges and develop skills.

We offer a wide rage of athletic and extracurricular programs that allow students to excel, give their best and measure their success. At all sporting events, competitions and extracurricular activities, fair play is on the spotlight along with integrity, honor and sympathy.

Physical Education is not just a way of learning new sports, but also an opportunity for the student to learn about their sports skills, have the chance to find the sport which he excels at. Classes may encourage the student to practice that sport in extracurricular activities or outside school.

Extracurricular activities

In the Everest Extracurricular Activities Department, we defend the idea that sports programs must have a higher purpose than winning. While we certainly work hard to win and seek professionalism in our activities, we want athletes to be aware that the purpose of the competition is, above all, to make the best out the gifts God has given us.

The main purpose of EVEREST's extracurricular activities is to complement the formation of citizenship. During the physical activities, we reinforce the importance of values that can be put into practice at all times: discipline, collaboration, respect, positive attitudes, positive leadership. Along with it, we work on the development of psychomotor skills, where the individual, when practicing activities with precision, will possibly have higher self-esteem and more motivation for doing other tasks.

Our extracurricular program aims to provide families with complementary activities for bridging periods – the period of time between the end of school hours and parents’ work ours – making parents’ lives easier and assuring a simpler and more pleasant family life.

We have the following extracurricular activities:

  1. Football
  2. Handball
  3. Tennis
  4. Judo
  5. Capoeira
  6. Fencing
  7. Skating
  8. Rhythmic gymnastics
  9. Ballet
  10. Dance

Friendship Tournament

The Brazil Friendship Tournament is the annual sports competition among the schools of the Semper Altius School Network in Brazil. The first edition was in 2016 in Curitiba. From then on, it happens annually, always in a different city. It will be a good opportunity for parents and children to have a healthy relationship, and for the families of the school to meet one another and create a community with more and more affinities.

More than a competition, the Friendship Tournament is a moment of personal growth for each student. It seeks to involve families and students in a competition in which, more than winning, it is about how to get there. In order to stimulate an enriching experience, the Virtues Program is on during the event.

Every day, there is emphasis on a different virtue , so that the participants practice charity, friendship, respect and generosity.

In 2017, the tournament was Rio de Janeiro. The four schools of the Semper Altius School Network in Brazil participated with their athletes: Everest Brasilia, Everest Curitiba, Everest Rio de Janeiro and Mão Amiga São Paulo.

In 2018, the 3rd edition of the tournament in Brazil will take place in Brasilia. Get ready for our competition, which will be a true spectacle of friendship!

Every four years, the Brazil Friendship Tournament will be integrated into the International Friendship Tournament, a sports competition with a greater number of participants from Latin America. It is held annually in Mexico and has the participation of over 4,000 competitors from different countries of the Semper Altius School Network.

It will be an unforgettable opportunity for our students and their families to participate in an event that will bring together students / athletes from different countries, learn about other cultures and experience Everest Education in the world.

Further information: http://torneodelaamistad.com/

Artistic and Technological Activities

In addition to academic programs of excellence, our schools offer a wide range of activities designed to enrich learning, encourage creativity, broaden horizons, and develop additional skills such as resilience and teamwork.


  1. Arts
  2. Robotics
  3. Coding
  4. Drama
  5. Choir
  6. Music
  7. Guitar
  8. Violin

Homework Support Program

Considering many families require extra services and care apart from the traditional school day, Everest offers the Homework Support Program, in which students can take part in supervised games and do their homework, allowing the little time parents have to stay with their children to be consisted of pleasant moments, sharing experiences, and reducing stress that sometimes comes with school assignments.

Special Activities Days

From 2018, Everest will implement an innovative solution adapted to the Brazilian reality. During the school year, no holiday will be followed by another day of recess. On those dates, we will not have regular activities to avoid causing trouble to the student whose family will travel. The goal will be to collaborate with parents who work on those dates. We will offer special activities to the students, in which the limit will be our imagination. On each day, we will address a different theme. They will be opportunities for great joy and fraternization - games, games, competitions, presentations and awards. All of this is intended to provide students with special moments. For students in Middle School, the days will also be used for applying mock tests and school assignments to be performed in groups, strengthening our academic excellence.