O Colégio

Proper nutrition is an important part of your child's growth. And the school has a very important role in forming good habits. At Everest, we are committed to this endeavor. In addition to seeking a quality partner for the preparation of meals, we work continuously to ensure good hygiene and good manners at the table.

Healthy eating is essential in all stages of life, but in each of those is different. In childhood, our diet is should be towards the growth of bones, skin, muscles, and organs. Children play, jump, learn to read and write - so a balanced diet is essential; they need energy for all those activities. It is also at this time that eating habits are formed, that is, that "one learns" whether or not to like certain foods.

The school is of great importance in the formation of students' eating habits. In the integration between the classes and the cafeteria, the teacher presents a number of items of food to the children. With recipes that involve healthy food, teachers and students learn about dishes and sample them after they have prepared the food themselves. In addition, we teach students to read labels, know ingredients and vitamins, and identify whether food is healthy by associating vitamins with colors and with their body's needs.

None of those would have good results if we did not have a partner committed to quality, tasty, and balanced food.

Voilá caters delicious, healthy and nutritious food, prepared safely, with fresh, quality ingredients, fruits and vegetables.

The menu is varied, with recipes that are modified to increase their nutritional value, without neglecting the children’s preferences - spaghetti with pomodoro sauce and mushrooms produced in the school - pasta made of zucchini and sauce made of 100% fresh ingredients - tomato, leek, thyme and basil.

Another example is the mozzarella mini-pizza. The dough is prepared by adding pumpkin to increase its nutritional value. The beef burger is made with grated carrots and quinoa, it is very tasty and nutritious. And the mini-bread made of sweet potatoes, tapioca with flaxseed flour, carrot spaghetti and peas, among several other creations.

We offer nutritional orientation to children for the development of healthy eating habits through group dynamics, murals and ludic presentations. This proposal is developed together with trainees of the nutrition course of the University of Brasília and the Catholic University of Brasília (loose translation of “Universidade Católica de Brasília – UCB), under the supervision of our nutritionists and of professors from the respective universities.